Welcome to the Virtual Math Club! Log on each week to get the latest problem set. Then check back later in the week for answers, video solutions, and lessons on key topics.

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5 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Steve says:


    Found you via the MCGT site and your posting there.

    Great work and idea!

    I’ve just printed off the first set and am looking forward to doing them with my daughter later today.


  2. Silvia says:

    Jolene, this is WONDERFUL. My girls are still young for these problems but I’ll surely talk about your new blog in mine, and in my hs group!
    I’m excited about your work!



  3. Denise says:

    Sounds like fun! Please consider contributing to the Math Teachers at Play blog carnival. I’m looking forward to watching your blog grow.

  4. Marti says:

    My daughter wanted to know if she should just post questions or comments on the problems in the comment section or should she post her answers there as well?

    • That’s a good question, Marti. Don’t give away the answers in the comments section. You might spoil the fun for another student. If someone does post the answers, I’ll be able to catch it since all the comments are moderated right now. But I think the comments section under the problem set would be a great place to post questions.

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