Solutions for Problem Set #5

The answers and video solutions for Problem Set #5 are now posted: Problem Set #5

I’m sorry I didn’t have these available right away this morning.  I noticed that the hit count went way up this morning so I take that as a good sign that people are looking for the solutions to the last problem set.  I’ve been having a lot of difficulty with my encoder software.  I’m trying to use Windows Media Encoder to record my videos because it was already installed on my Vista laptop and therefore didn’t cost me anything, but it seems a bit unreliable, especially if I use pictures.  I couldn’t avoid using a picture for problem #3, so it’s a bit ugly, but I wanted to get the solutions to you so I posted it anyway.   It’s good enough for you to get the idea.  I’m going to experiment with some different software next week so hopefully the videos will improve (and take less of my time).  I’m a screencasting newbie so if any of you have screencasting experience, your advice would be welcome.  Email me at  Have a great weekend!

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