Solutions for Problem Set #17

The answers and video solutions for this week’s problem set are now posted:  Problem Set #17

Rule # 1 for problem solving:  DON’T PANIC!  When you’re faced with a difficult problem, evaluate what you’re given, combine it with what you know, and just dive right in and see where it leads you.  I saw a television show the other night about the Chilean miners who were trapped underground for 68 days.  Below ground, they were able to evaluate their circumstances, ration their food, find water, and keep themselves alive until the people above ground were able to make contact.  Above ground, they also had to employ good problem solving skills to respond to the myriad of challenges they faced.   What a miraculous testament to the power of problem solving!  None of the problems I give you are a matter of life and death, but you never know when the problem solving skills you are developing might be called upon.

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